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For almost 30 years, Frogmat began as a manufacturer and supplier of landcare products, their core offering being a soil stabilisation matting manufactured in the Western Australian wheat belt from recycled cereal straw. It was used to stabilise and revegetate constructed earthen embankments, sand dune restoration and in the mining industry.

The manufacturing plant used to make soil stabilisation matting was developed in the United Kingdom by a Mr Ken Frogbrook, and hence the name Frogmat was established.

From this humble beginning, the company has grown and diversified, leaving behind its retail offering to focus on building its reputation over 25 years in civil and commercial landscape construction and maintenance. Frogmat have completed projects ranging from small residential landscapes through to highly complex, multi-disciplinary projects for various government and private sectors.


Our mission is to be the best landscape construction and maintenance company of choice that provides outstanding professional results, in a time and cost effective manner, at a standard to which we are proud.

We aim to inspire and delight our clients, by providing innovative landscapes for the various industry sectors we service.

We are driven by the need and desire of our clients to produce landscapes that integrate seamlessly into the local surroundings, supported by our timely and quality finish.

We recognise our clients and employees as individuals to provide enriching experiences which last a lifetime.


Our Clients Are Our Partners
Our success depends on our clients and suppliers choosing us. Our strength lies in working closely with them to create value and trust, together with superior products, services and ideas.

Our People Are Our Strength
Our success comes from our people. We work in a safe and satisfying environment. We choose to treat each other with trust and respect and maintain a healthy balance between work and family life. Our experience, teamwork and ability to deliver quality landscapes are our most valued and rewarded strengths.

Our Stakeholders Are Our Foundations
Our success is made possible by the clients, employees, suppliers and lenders who choose to invest in us. In return, we commit to continuing profitability and growth in value, which together, make us all stronger.

Our Communities Are Our Homes
Our success relies on communities supporting our business and services. In turn, we care for the environment, create wealth, respect local values and encourage involvement. Our strength is in choosing to do what is right.